CANNA Mod by ZTC Smoke


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CANNA Mod by ZTC Smoke. The price of CANNA in Pakistan is 2800.Box Contents:1 x Canna Mod1 x Magnetic Adapter1 x USB Cable1 x User Manual

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CANNA Mod by ZTC Smoke

Introducing the Canna Mod from ZTC Smoke. The atomizer interface of the Canna has an adopted magnetic absorption design, making it easier to operate while meeting the highest quality performance of the product.


Power On & Access to Atomizer:

  • It enters standby mode after 4 LED lamps flash 2 times in turn (running horse lamp lasts 3s).


  • 4 LED lamps flash 3 times after the smoking button pressed for 5 times within 2 seconds.
  • The current gear lamp is displayed (about 2s) after booting, and no operation within 2 seconds enters into standby mode.

Power Off:

  • 4 LED lights are on for 2 seconds to power off after the smoking button pressed for 5 times within 2 seconds.
  • It has five-on and five-off functions.

LED Power Indicator:

  • Click the power button to display the battery level in standby mode.
    • The first, second, third and fourth lights are on, when the current power is between 75% and 100%.
    • The first, second and third lights are on, when the current power is between 55% and 75%.
    • The first and second lights are on, when the current power is between 25% and 50%.
    • The first light is on, when the current power is between 1% and 25%.

Smoking Pre-Heating:

  • When pressing the power button twice within 2 seconds to start preheating, the output voltage is 2.0V in the state of power-on, and the preheating time is 15 seconds.
  • 4 lights are on in turn when preheating.
  • When preheating is over, the current lamp is on (2s) and smoke is allowed when pressing the power key.

Power Adjustment:

  • Under the power-on state, the current-voltage light flashes after quickly pressing the power button 3 times within 2 seconds, and gears switch circularly after clicking the smoking button.
    • The output voltage of the first LED lamp is 3.2V.
    • The output voltage of the second LED lamp is 3.5V.
    • The output voltage of the third LED lamp is 3.8V.
    • The output voltage of the fourth LED lamp is 4.0V.
    • The power key can be circulated in turn when pressed; no operation within 3 seconds will be out of gear adjustment, showing the current gear lamp about 2 seconds.

Memory Function:

  • It can be turned off with any gear, and will remember the last smoking gear after rebooting.

Protective Function of Smoking Time Limit:

  • smoking is prohibited after a puff of smoke at any gear more than 11 seconds and LED light flashing 5 times after 11 seconds.

Protective Function of High & Low Resistances, Open & Short Circuit:

  • 4 LED lights flashing 10 times at the same time indicates no loading.

Battery Low-Voltage Protection:

  • Smoking is not allowed, when the battery voltage is less than 3.3V.
  • It indicates no loading and enters dormant mode when the first power lamp flashing 20 times rapidly.

Normal Smoking Mode:

  • The indicator light is gradually on with its corresponding voltage in smoking state after pressing the corresponding gear.
  • After releasing the button, it stops working and the gear indicator light fades out gradually.

Box Contents:

1 x Canna Mod

1 x Magnetic Adapter

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

CANNA Mod by ZTC Smoke


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CANNA Mod by ZTC Smoke