VGOD SaltNic Summer Strawberry E-Liquid 30ml (25,50) mg



Imagine chillin poolside ripping a perfectly balanced hit of freshly ripened strawberries. The coolness splashes over you like the ultimate tube ride barreling over you with a crisp refreshing fruity essence. No added sugary creamy BS! Just the freshest strawberries. Simplicity at its’ finest with no compromises. An all day vape intended for your favorite pod system and loaded with a SaltNic punch. Summer Strawberry will have you dreaming of an endless summer!


Summer Strawberry E-Liquid by VGOD SaltNic | 30ml

VGOD SaltNic Summer Strawberry is a tasty strawberry salt nicotine flavor that’s incredibly authentic and free of bells and whistles. Every hit soaks your mouth in the juice of ripe, red strawberries. Summer strawberry nicotine salt vape juice is designed for pod-based vaping devices.


On the inhale,Strawberry salt ejuice delivers glorious tang that makes your palate quiver. When you exhale, the juiciness satisfies your thirst while the berry’s sugary taste dominates.

Strawberry vape juice from SaltNic comes in a 30ml dropper bottle with an even VG/PG base.

Strawberry from SaltNic is an intense strawberry flavor that’s ideal for vapers who loves clean fruity tastes. Every hit is like biting into an outstandingly juicy strawberry fresh from the vine.


SaltNic Summer Strawberry is a perfectly balanced hit of freshly strawberries. Vaping SaltNic Summer Strawberry is like chilling in the poolside on a hot summer day eating sweet ripened strawberries while being splashed by cool refreshing water.When it comes to a ripe and sweet strawberry flavor that pleases your taste buds and palate at the same time, no strawberry nic salt flavor can compare to Strawberry vape juice.

VG/PG: 50/50

Flavor Profile: Strawberry

Bottle Sizes: 30ml

Nicotine Level: 25mg,50mg


3mg, 25mg, 50mg